In the open

What I felt that moment,
Was the most peculiar emptiness.
Being more naked, than the term itself
Is able to express.
Stripped of skin, muscles, bones
The last piece of tissue that kept
The organs in their place.
The last four years spread out
On the dissecting table,
As a trusted pair of different eyes
Finally read that draft.
Less than 200 pages,
That contained sections of my life,
Airplanes appearing over Jaffa,
As the black waves of the Mediterranean,
Washed over the nightly reefs,
Where Perseus was said to have fought
The creature that held Andromeda captive,
Taken apart on the atomic level,
Rearranged as fiction,
Not about me, but in me,
Associated in symbiosis,
Then cut from the body to prove
Viability in the open.

Kerim Mallée

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