Faster than the dwindling light

As the day is easing into the night,
The empty skies are perfused with the cries
of the cicadas.
I close my eyes for a few seconds,
Foreboding perfect darkness,
So that my sight adjusts
faster to the dwindling light.
I'm buried in avalanches of chirrup
And solitude.
Every heartbeat brings me closer
To the place I never want to arrive,
Where "was" will lapse into "never has been",
If dying is to forget that you were ever alive.
But as the fresh air runs down my trachea,
Like waterfalls becoming ghosts,
The longitudes of my rib cage extend to new
Continents of calm.
I am very much alive right now.
And at this very moment that leaves me
With all the courage to open my eyes again.
The fireflies dance through the night
With indifference to any observer:
Scarce in words,
But profound in beauty.

Kerim Mallée

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