A farewell to objectivity

You are a lesson to stay humble,
for my eloquence is insufficient
to translate the simple wonders of your presence
fully into words.
I'd love to measure the excitement,
draw diagrams on how time behaves weirdly,
and sorrows lose weight...
To write dissertations on the calming effect of your voice,
that in the end everyone would say
"I see that's how it is."
In reality, I always end up using poetry
to rearrange commonly familiar feelings and situations.
It's not rocket science, but sometimes
feels like building spaceships for my thoughts
to safely leave the orbit of my mind,
without getting deformed by the forces of their surroundings.
Maybe "I think I know what he's trying to say"
in the end
is good enough, though.
Talking about the things that feel important,
is like a round of battleship:
Guessing into the unknown till
the outlines of what there is, are precise enough.
A compromise between the truth I want to share
and my own subjectivity.

Kerim Mallée

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